Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come Up To Short

1, 2 eyelashes
3, 4 lips
5, 6
Nose and ring respectively
7, 8 dark circles
9, 10, 11 scars on my face
self made by self same hands.
Destruction in the deconstruction of
supposed blemishes I find daily on me.
Plucking poking pinching peeling
so as not to see any bumps.
Anything that will make like she was,
Who’s face festered and oozed.
Nightmares flooding my mind at night.
What can I do to rid my self of this
            self-perpetuated curse. (I hide my face.)
Her beauty rendered from inward out
My disdain/arrogance borne from outward in
Qualities of me inherited by the
            lesser parts
Of my family.
Blemished, short, hairy wild, confused, disorderly.
Kind, compassionate, nonchalant.
But I’ve learned to be grateful for the gifts
Of speech and insight, vision, truth, love, hope
            beyond what is physical.
I’ve inherited a kingdom of history
A world of knowledge
And thought this small vessel may seem at most times
Incapable of carrying the load
My ancestors help me.

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