Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Silent Denial

the morning brings about the same issue from the day before
last night,
the cries of the baby filled the space with shrieking sounds
the morning news serves as the wake up call
cereal floods a bowl
while eggs scramble on the stove
two cars leave,
on occasion, one returns earlier in the day
sounds of love are made in a bed belonging to another
no cute cuddling because there is no time for lingering
they were caught once before
two cars in the drive way by night fall
the baby coos while splats of orange drips down the wall
silent dinner
3 words said the rest the baby

they live in the silent denial of their relationship
dirty looks are exchanged
but they know why they are there

cries of the baby fill the space
with shrieking sounds

it always serves as the reminder

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