Sunday, December 11, 2011

Narcissistic Fascists Suck

Anderson Cooper, the CNN asp, Bill O’Reilly, the Fox cobra, and Rachel Madow, the MSNBC rattler.
Many mistook this triune snake for objective journalism.
Eagerly tuning into their favorite commentator’s personality of poison.
Rich in your corporate paychecks earned with or without integrity,
I do not doubt you all sleep like babies.
Calling you out is a simple change of the channel but,
Acid in my brain I flip back to watch like a bee to honey or a crack to a plumbers butt,
Turning my head left or right and up to down,
Help, please, someone help me from kicking in the screen!
Everybody plays a fool sometime,
Lies are no exception to the rule.
And now you do what they told ya!  And now you do what they told ya!
Now wait, what’s this thing called ‘The Internet’?
Dig deep you dungeon master nerds because your surfing a dialectical force,
Only second to Mother Nature’s ability to instantly change human behavior.
FCC and politicians bang their drums for net neutrality,
Too much free unregulated information for the masses is anathema.
Hopes and dreams of those rightly pursuing their happiness,
End up in dumpsters marked for EPA recycling.
Fascist forces prop up the elite oligarchies.
Run, run, run.
Evade, adapt or you go splat.
Ending with a tsunami of hyper-inflation, your T.V. masturbation causes massive emotional starvation.

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