Saturday, December 10, 2011

We Shall Not

'We shall not be moved'
Rings hollow when we're picked
Up and thrown out, kicking
And screaming The Whole World
Is Watching—but there's a blind
Spot when the cameramen
Are the first to go. 

There's a gang of boys stomping
Anthills: it's so much easier
To kick something over than
To create it.  We might look
Like insects under your boot but
Damnit we toiled for this
Two months undone in hours.

Resurrection City is in
A dumpster in Lower Manhattan,
Our footprints pressure-washed
Away. I had a dream
The helicopters enforcing
The no-fly zone woke me up.

Justice for all is a city
councilman arrested
bleeding from the head. The nexus
In our protest against corporations
In bed with government is policed
By a billionaire mayor sleeping
With a Brookfield Properties chair.

Now what can we say? We
Shall Not—what, Be Silenced?
That works, until brain damage
Leaves us mute.  We Shall Not
Be Subverted Or Privatized—
They're noble words, but
Time will tell. 

I can only promise this:
WE SHALL NOT go gentle into that
Good night.  Forgive me, America,
If this sounds like a shot fired;
I meant no offense.  Don't take
these words too harshly; it's a jest,
A rubber bullet.

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