Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Bodies

our bodies

we do a magnificent thing…

with our bodies… 

mostly performed in the late night
because the candles beam brighter
long days are forgotten on these nights
longing for our bodies so close

it begins with touch
not g-spot 
but the spot
one that raises hairs on necks 
and dicks in jeans
i see his eyes
no other distractions
just me and our passion
so much held there
i stare at his soul

my boy begins to fall 

tightly cradled in arms 
brown skin always looks good in cream sheets
soft lips caress hard tips
soon this strong black man begins his descent

back to neck
ears to head
my fingers sooth his fade
convulsions erupt from the vaginal volcano
where the god has chosen to dine

minutes of pleasure appear as moments of euphoria
shuffling sheets lead to black on black crime
i am sentenced to silence
no pillows to stop the shrieks
your baton used to punish me
strokes from the back, side, front…

minutes of pleasure appear as moments of elatenment
i bite his covering fingers
i have slipped out of control
my pussy speaks for me now
I have now given up the reins 
every move I make is controlled by him
felt by him 
with him always knowing what’s next
we ascend to an unbreathable space 
he has given me a rare and special gift 

came again

i want to bring him to where he has raised me
moist grounds are plummeted
as he re enters
with no reinforcements
he reinforces
his thrust

minutes of pleasure appear as moments of ecstasy
there is no pill
i teeter on the edge
but strong hands hold tight
declivity is not easy to obtain
somehow we get there
brown eyes close…

we do this magnificent thing… 
with our bodies.

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