Saturday, December 10, 2011

Executive Memo RE: The Occupy Movement

Dear employees of the 1%,

Everyone has become obsessed with the 99%
Since 04 Jay Z has been talkin bout these bitches
But history shows that eventually it all falls down

Your cares are no concern of ours
Your aches
Your groans,
Your moans
Your strikes or
Your plights

As a company we are tired of your water cooler conversations on joining the resistance
My minor corporate infractions are nothing compared to your misdemeanors
Public disturbance
Obstruction of traffic
Human litter crowds the concrete
So now you occupy…

As employees of our company, we strongly advise you to continue all services necessary for me to run my life
The bus driver seats
The secretary stations
The blackboards in the school
The garbage on the street

Dissention will not be tolerated

Please make this memo top priority!

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